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    Packing & Sending Your Return

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    You can pack and send your return to us in just a few simple steps.

    1. Read our Return Policy
    2. Login and visit our online Returns Center open a ticket and obtain a shipping label.
    3. Pack the items and the packing slip securely in a box. You can use the box the items arrived in or another box, if you prefer. If you do not have the packing slip, see Don’t Have a Packing Slip?
    4. Affix the shipping label to the outside of the box.
    5. Leave the package for your mail carrier to pick up, or take it to a post office or shipping center.

    If you use a mailing label provided by our Returns Center and your return is not the result of our error, the shipping cost of that returned item will be deducted from your refund.

    Don’t Have a Packing Slip?
    If you ordered an item that you want to return but you don’t have a packing slip, you can still return it via our online Returns Center. You will be asked to select the relevant order from Your Account.

    If you want to return an item that was given to you as a gift and you don’t have a packing slip, you can also return it via our online Returns Center; however, you will first need to get the order number from the person who purchased the gift for you.

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