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    Best Tours in Israel

    La Tierra Santa is a leading professional tours operator in the Holy Land. Investigate and become more acquainted with Judaism, the privileged insights of Islam and stroll in the strides of Jesus and Christianity; visit popular authentic and archaeological places and wind up familiar with contemporary and present Israel in the cities, Moshav and the kibbutz.

    Israel is a little however dynamic country, rich in history and prehistoric studies and the origination of three of the world’s biggest religions.
    Come and join our Israel trips, which are an ideal answer for a high reliability, close service and best Prices.

    Holy Products

    La Tierra Sanata chooses products, made exclusively of materials from our lords land.
    Olive wood, rose petals,soil and water taken from the Jordan river, Galilee mountains and other wonderful landscapes of the holy land.

    Now more than ever it is the right time to get even closer to your legacy and enlighten your home with love and grace.

    La Tierra Santa is closer to you.

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    Zeev Greenberg
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